Modern and Traditional Gifts for Special Occasions

Special occasions are meant for exclusive gifts, one that shows that the giver has gone to great lengths to choose one. However, for those who are not much adept at gifting can always browse the Internet and get a few ideas. It is always advisable to plan out a gift as per the event much in advance especially during festive seasons when brick and mortar as well as online stores are flooded with shoppers and orders.

Here a subtle difference has to be made between generic gifts for say Christmas and thanksgiving and those for anniversaries and housewarming for example. While normal gifts are based on the age and sex of the recipients, those for specific events reflect that particular occasion only. Apart from this, there are other factors and guidelines too for gifts? Surprised? No, you will not be limited for choice but only by the material of the gift. For a tenth wedding anniversary, the traditional gift is anything made of tin or aluminium – what you buy depends solely on you.

Now comes the main twist – while celebrating anniversaries is always a classic and sentimental affair, purists have made a clear distinction in the practice of gifting that is based on traditional and modern ideas. For generations, a first wedding anniversary gift was paper, now it is clocks, the tenth was as said, tin or aluminium but the modern concept is diamond jewellery. So today, the best you should do to relive those nostalgic pre-marriage memories again in the tenth year of your wedding is to look for diamond engagement rings online and buy it from Australian Diamond Company, one that almost replicates the one you gave your wife a decade back! She will love you for the thought behind it.

The reason for the demarcation between traditional and modern gifts is the change in outlook of the common man. What was a cherished possession in the past is no longer so today. Take the case of lace as a traditional thirteenth anniversary gift. Modern lifestyles have made lace redundant as you are unlikely to wear lace stitched gowns or clothes or use tablecloths and upholstery of lace. Hence modern gifting for thirteenth anniversary is either textiles or fur. This is rational as clothing has moved from elaborate lace stitched affairs to informal or formal textile and faux fur wear and tablecloths too are made of more practical linen and textile materials.

Some anniversary gifts have not changed with time and the traditional gifts still hold true in the modern age. Fortieth, forty-fifth, fiftieth, fifty-fifth and sixtieth anniversary gifts retain the old age charm of ruby, sapphire, gold, emerald and diamond respectively. Good things of life apparently do not change with the passage of time – buy engagement rings of diamond and the receiver will remember you for life. Click here to get more info on the diamond engagement rings, wedding bands and gemstones.

Another special occasion that deserves mention here is house warming. One of the most common gifts that can be termed traditional is decorative items. Classic artwork never goes out of style with its old world charm but it can be equally substituted by a metal decorative wall piece or a motivational poster for the modern couple. Gifting a collection of romantic novels is an established practice for housewarming but that has now given way to retro cookware or stylised storage units for expectant couples moving to a new home to be comfortable with the new arrival.

Whether you follow or not the set gifting guidelines that have become very common today make sure that you choose a gift with a lot of care and thought because it reflects in what you ultimately pick on. Thoughtless gifts are more likely to be tossed to the back of the wardrobe or dumped in the attic and will not occupy a pride of place on the mantelpiece of the receiver.

Benefits of Using LED Lights in Home

Before going into how LED lights can save money for you at home, it will be relevant to know what an LED bulb actually is. LED (Light Emitting Diode) bulbs convert electricity into light through a semi-conductor unlike incandescent bulbs that has a brightly burning filament that gives off light. The origin of LED lights goes back to the 2000s but it has only been six or seven years that they have gained wide popularity and acceptance. The earlier bulbs had harsh lights, a low life span, flickering lights and most importantly, were very expensive. All that has changed now with the average LED light going a long way in helping home owners save substantial amounts in electricity bills.

Why is it that LEDs are able to use light and energy more efficiently than traditional lights and bulbs? This is because LEDs are a uni-directional light source which means that the light is directed in one direction only. Thus, even a low powered LED will light up an area more brightly than a higher powered light source like an incandescent bulb or CFL which throws light and heat in many directions. Because of lower power consumption without compromising on luminosity or brightness levels, LEDs lower energy consumption resulting in reduced electricity bills.

This is one reason why home owners can string up LED outdoor festoon lights for parties or outdoor barbeques or even as a permanent decorative fixture in their gardens without having to bother about incurring recurring high energy bills. Additionally, there are many options that you can choose from in LEDs. The globe light is a beautiful choice for outdoor lighting where an LED is encased in a globe of clear glass. LED festoon lights are also available in multiple colours to add a sense of aesthetics to your decoration. Star light lighting is another decorative lighting choice where the LED inside a bulb has various shapes especially that of a star. The popularity of LED lights has opened up a whole range of decorative alternatives that are not only bright and attractive but results in savings as well because of low power consumption.

Another benefit of using LED lights at home is that it lasts longer. Typically, LED lights lasts about 10 years as against a year or two by incandescent bulbs or halogen lamps. Even though an LED light costs more than the average bulb, its longevity results in higher savings in the long run. If the light fixture is placed at a high-up place, replacing conventional lamps frequently can be troublesome too.

LED lights also give off less heat and hence are more energy efficient. On the other hand halogen and incandescent bulbs warm up more due to the heating up of the filaments. It is estimated that over 90% of the energy consumed by these bulbs are given off as heat. LED lights on the other hand do not have filaments but semi-conductors which do not heat up, thereby saving almost 75-80% of energy consumed.

Homeowners should switch over to LED light fixtures if only to save energy and contribute their mite for an eco-friendly planet Earth.

Your Rights about Unfair Dismissal in Australia

Hiring and sacking is definitely not the sole discretion of employers, it has to be understood that there are certain rights that you as an employee have with regard to workplace dismissal in Australia. It is against the law in this country to dismiss you or choose you for redundancy on reasons that are attributable to certain personal characteristics. Such eventualities are covered by federal anti-discriminatory laws and Equal Opportunity Act 2010. However, clauses under this Act do not include dismissal due to unsatisfactory work performance or if the employer has genuine operational and financial reasons for doing so.

What then are your rights as a worker regarding unfair dismissal in Australia?

  • Age of retirement – You cannot be asked to retire or be retired if you have reached a certain age until of course a certain retirement age is part of your service regulations. If your employment contract says that your age for retirement is 60, you cannot be asked to retire at 55, neither can you be threatened to do so. Your workplace environment too cannot be made so bad that you are forced to quit. These are covered by the Human Rights Commission under mature age workers and the Equal Opportunities Act. If you feel that you your workplace rights have been affected you can contact Melbourne small business lawyers or those in the State of your workplace for proper advice and guidance.
  • Dismissal for injury – As per the Commission, a worker cannot simply be dismissed because of an injury. It is against the law. However, you may be offered medical retirement provided certain stipulations are met by the employer. This includes, meeting the provisions of workers’ compensation legislation, anti-discriminatory laws and following the relevant award or workplace agreement. Your employer should also institute an independent medical board to determine your condition and know your fitness to work. If it is deemed that you will henceforth be an unacceptable risk to safety at the workplace or no amount of reasonable adjustments will be enough to help you continue to work, dismissal will not be seen to be unfair in law.

Once you feel that you have been unfairly dismissed by your employer, you have to follow certain pointers for appealing to the Commission against this act. However, due to the many complexities, it is always recommended that you get in touch with specialist lawyers with known expertise in unfair dismissal cases. Law firms offering property legal advice in Melbourne or in any other city also have lawyers that are fully conversant with this branch of law and you will do well to contact them too.

It has to be kept in mind that you have to apply to the Commission as soon as possible after dismissal and definitely within 21 days of it taking effect. There is also a minimum employment period in these cases. You must have been employed for a minimum period of 6 months and for small business a minimum of 12 months. If in between, there has been a change in ownership of your firm, the service with the first employer will count as service rendered while calculating this period. You also have the right to apply to the Commission in case of unlawful termination or a breach of general protections.

If you are not sure what to do in case of unfair dismissal, you can get information on the process by visiting the Commission website or downloading the Commission’s Unfair Dismissal Bench-book. Small business owners can download the Small Business Fair Dismissal Code checklist to ensure that they are always on the right side of the law.

Recent Trends in Web Design and Development

How do you contact ant business and check on its products or services or turnover or about the people behind its success. Visit its website of course! Today the face of any organisation is its website and this is the first point of contact with existing and potential clients. It is therefore natural that great importance is given to having a website that is high on aesthetics, user-friendliness and navigability. Structuring a website is a much specialised task requiring the use of advanced tools and technologies and the professional expertise of highly trained technicians in the field.

Web design and development has made rapid strides today and constant innovations are made in this area. Most importantly, there are no standardised methods and every website has to be created keeping in mind the individual and personalised requirement of that specific business in relation to the industry or sector it is in. Since the manufacturing sector or the retail sector or ecommerce platforms have separate requirements for projecting their business to their customers, the websites too have to be devised accordingly.

What then are the recent trends in web design and development that have taken this aspect by storm?

  • Responsive sites – The exponential growth in mobile phone usage means that websites should be so designed that they are equally compatible and clear on any Internet enabled device. This is regardless of the screen size and takes into account desktops and laptops, tablets and smart phones. In the dynamic and digital environments of today, people visit websites on the go from any device available to them to place orders, transact business and make payments. Not catering to this segment of population would mean heavy loss in business opportunities and conversions. Web designers are therefore now focussing on this factor and designing and developing sites in tune with this requirement. These are known as responsive sites that is, one site fits all. It is basically created with flexible grids and layouts into one direct versatile site that adjusts optimally to display content on various screen size.
  • Increase in use of graphics and animations – This is a very critical trend that has made present websites very attractive, appealing and interesting for the visitors. Long drawn out text and content are being replaced by smart graphics and animations with infographics distilling content into an instantly understandable format. This is more so since a single video or a graphic is more potent than a thousand words in conveying the message of a business to clients.

One of the pioneers in the field of graphic design who is an internationally acknowledged expert in this art is Jarrod Carland. His expertise can be seen on Pinterest, Instagram, Etsy and YouTube. He started out in the international entertainment industry and quickly made a name for himself. However, Jarrod has not kept his scope of work limited to this only and has pursued a variety of creative arts in his career. In 2008, he founded Studio Jack, a creative design studio that churns out eye catching visuals and graphics across all visual mediums. For more on Jarrod Carland and Studio Jack, visit us directly.

  • Internet of things (IoT) – It is a highly technical movement where non-internet-connected devices and objects are embedded with network connectivity systems such as tools and sensors that can send and receive data. These chips and sensors can be related and incorporated in anything ranging from the toaster to ACs or any other appliance for remote controlled operations. Web designers and developers may not be directly involved in the manufacture of such devices but they do have a hand in designing apps that analyse and use data transmitted from these devices.

These are only a small sample of latest technologies that are today being used in web design and development.

Impact of Latest Skincare Equipment on Beauty Treatments

Remember those days when you had to painfully tweeze out facial hair one by one before you could get ready for a party? Old timers will remember that smoothening out facial lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet as well as getting rid of blackheads and acne were not so long ago expensive treatments. They often required invasive surgeries and long periods of downtime and recuperation. Not anymore! Modern equipment for beauty care incorporating latest cutting edge technologies has taken the beauty industry by storm. Today, most treatments take under an hour and are totally within the means of the common man. Book a skin polishing session for lunch hour and get back to work almost immediately after. It couldn’t possibly get better than this!

Most equipment today is based on laser and IPL technologies and offer quick and painless processes. However there are some differences in treatment methods. Laser machines emit a single beam of concentrated light and targets the melanin of the hair follicle, thereby destroying it and facilitating permanent hair removal. The devices are set according to the colour and texture of hair to be removed. Unlike laser, the beams from IPL machines are more scattered (like that of a light bulb) and hence cover a wider area and penetrate to varying depths under the skin. This means that deeper and thicker hairs cannot be as effectively treated as lasers. Since some of the light is absorbed in areas other than that under treatment, it can affect the surrounding pigmentation. IPL therefore is very useful for light coloured skin.

Permanent hair removal is just what the name suggests and has resulted in a radical shift in the concept of beauty treatments. Whether carried out on laser or IPL machines, a few sessions ensures that hair is permanently removed from the targeted areas of the body. However, given the sophistication of the devices and the operational intricacies, beauty clinic owners should ensure that top of the line machinery is installed and trained and experienced technicians handle them only. One of the leading importers and distributors of such equipment in Australia is Universal IPL. The company sources its stocks from leading manufacturers from around the world and hence these are fully safe. For more details visit

Another area that has been greatly impacted by the advent of technologically advanced equipment is skin rejuvenation. Here too laser and IPL is harnessed for treatments. Special microdermabrasion machines gently remove dead and old skin cells on the surface thereby helping growth of new cells and leading to a young and fresh looking skin and texture. It is akin to sandpapering the skin to take out dead cells.

Tattoo removal has also been impacted by state of the art machines. What was once an indelible mark for life can now be removed after several treatment sessions regardless of the size of the tattoo, its density and colour of the ink.

These are some of the areas in the beauty industry that has been positively impacted by improved technologies in manufacturing of such equipment.

Ensuring Credibility of News Websites

Being clueless about what is happening around us is a difficult thing to go through. Feeling left behind is also a bad thing to experience. That is why reading the news has become a big part of one’s life.

Getting news in the past was only done through newspapers, but today with the advent of technology, reading news is like browsing your favorite social networking site.


Since there are a lot of websites that happen to come out of nowhere, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish whether you are coming across a real or a fake news website. Fake news sometimes occurs because of click bait – a tool popular for marketing strategies.

So here are some of the ways to check whether a website is publishing real stories:

  1. Direct Website. Sometimes fake news comes from websites that has redirected you for so many times. They do this for you to go through a series of advertisements and then end up with a malicious news article.

  2. Spelling and Grammar. Fake news sites do not have the luxury of time to check correct grammar, and sometimes even the spelling. So it pays to be a critical reader as well.

  3. In news writing, sources are very important. If there is none or very suspicious sources, then there is a possibility that the news is fake and you are just wasting your time.

The best way for you to know if you are reading a legitimate article is for you to cross-check it. Try to check the more popular news websites that you visit often for credibility and authenticity.

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