Elsie Barnett

beauty Machines

In recent times the beauty industry has taken a quantum leap into the new age, riding on the back of state of the art machines that have the latest technologies imbedded in them. Hence beauty treatments that not so long ago required extensive surgical interventions and prolonged downtime are today done in under an hour with the patient resuming normal duties immediately after. Costs of treatments too have dramatically decreased,

Gifts Occasions

Special occasions are meant for exclusive gifts, one that shows that the giver has gone to great lengths to choose one. However, for those who are not much adept at gifting can always browse the Internet and get a few ideas. It is always advisable to plan out a gift as per the event much in advance especially during festive seasons when brick and mortar as well as online stores

LED Lights in Home

Before going into how LED lights can save money for you at home, it will be relevant to know what an LED bulb actually is. LED (Light Emitting Diode) bulbs convert electricity into light through a semi-conductor unlike incandescent bulbs that has a brightly burning filament that gives off light. The origin of LED lights goes back to the 2000s but it has only been six or seven years that

Unfair Dismissal Law

Hiring and sacking is definitely not the sole discretion of employers, it has to be understood that there are certain rights that you as an employee have with regard to workplace dismissal in Australia. It is against the law in this country to dismiss you or choose you for redundancy on reasons that are attributable to certain personal characteristics. Such eventualities are covered by federal anti-discriminatory laws and Equal Opportunity

Trends in Web Design

How do you contact ant business and check on its products or services or turnover or about the people behind its success. Visit its website of course! Today the face of any organisation is its website and this is the first point of contact with existing and potential clients. It is therefore natural that great importance is given to having a website that is high on aesthetics, user-friendliness and navigability.

Latest Skincare Equipment

Remember those days when you had to painfully tweeze out facial hair one by one before you could get ready for a party? Old timers will remember that smoothening out facial lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet as well as getting rid of blackheads and acne were not so long ago expensive treatments. They often required invasive surgeries and long periods of downtime and recuperation. Not anymore! Modern equipment for beauty


Being clueless about what is happening around us is a difficult thing to go through. Feeling left behind is also a bad thing to experience. That is why reading the news has become a big part of one’s life. Getting news in the past was only done through newspapers, but today with the advent of technology, reading news is like browsing your favorite social networking site. Since there are a