Ensuring Credibility of News Websites


Being clueless about what is happening around us is a difficult thing to go through. Feeling left behind is also a bad thing to experience. That is why reading the news has become a big part of one’s life.

Getting news in the past was only done through newspapers, but today with the advent of technology, reading news is like browsing your favorite social networking site.


Since there are a lot of websites that happen to come out of nowhere, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish whether you are coming across a real or a fake news website. Fake news sometimes occurs because of click bait – a tool popular for marketing strategies.

So here are some of the ways to check whether a website is publishing real stories:

  1. Direct Website. Sometimes fake news comes from websites that has redirected you for so many times. They do this for you to go through a series of advertisements and then end up with a malicious news article.

  2. Spelling and Grammar. Fake news sites do not have the luxury of time to check correct grammar, and sometimes even the spelling. So it pays to be a critical reader as well.

  3. In news writing, sources are very important. If there is none or very suspicious sources, then there is a possibility that the news is fake and you are just wasting your time.

The best way for you to know if you are reading a legitimate article is for you to cross-check it. Try to check the more popular news websites that you visit often for credibility and authenticity.

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