Impact of Latest Skincare Equipment on Beauty Treatments

Latest Skincare Equipment

Remember those days when you had to painfully tweeze out facial hair one by one before you could get ready for a party? Old timers will remember that smoothening out facial lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet as well as getting rid of blackheads and acne were not so long ago expensive treatments. They often required invasive surgeries and long periods of downtime and recuperation. Not anymore! Modern equipment for beauty care incorporating latest cutting edge technologies has taken the beauty industry by storm. Today, most treatments take under an hour and are totally within the means of the common man. Book a skin polishing session for lunch hour and get back to work almost immediately after. It couldn’t possibly get better than this!

Most equipment today is based on laser and IPL technologies and offer quick and painless processes. However there are some differences in treatment methods. Laser machines emit a single beam of concentrated light and targets the melanin of the hair follicle, thereby destroying it and facilitating permanent hair removal. The devices are set according to the colour and texture of hair to be removed. Unlike laser, the beams from IPL machines are more scattered (like that of a light bulb) and hence cover a wider area and penetrate to varying depths under the skin. This means that deeper and thicker hairs cannot be as effectively treated as lasers. Since some of the light is absorbed in areas other than that under treatment, it can affect the surrounding pigmentation. IPL therefore is very useful for light coloured skin.

Permanent hair removal is just what the name suggests and has resulted in a radical shift in the concept of beauty treatments. Whether carried out on laser or IPL machines, a few sessions ensures that hair is permanently removed from the targeted areas of the body. However, given the sophistication of the devices and the operational intricacies, beauty clinic owners should ensure that top of the line machinery is installed and trained and experienced technicians handle them only. One of the leading importers and distributors of such equipment in Australia is Universal IPL. The company sources its stocks from leading manufacturers from around the world and hence these are fully safe. For more details visit

Another area that has been greatly impacted by the advent of technologically advanced equipment is skin rejuvenation. Here too laser and IPL is harnessed for treatments. Special microdermabrasion machines gently remove dead and old skin cells on the surface thereby helping growth of new cells and leading to a young and fresh looking skin and texture. It is akin to sandpapering the skin to take out dead cells.

Tattoo removal has also been impacted by state of the art machines. What was once an indelible mark for life can now be removed after several treatment sessions regardless of the size of the tattoo, its density and colour of the ink.

These are some of the areas in the beauty industry that has been positively impacted by improved technologies in manufacturing of such equipment.