Machines that have revolutionised the beauty industry

beauty Machines

In recent times the beauty industry has taken a quantum leap into the new age, riding on the back of state of the art machines that have the latest technologies imbedded in them. Hence beauty treatments that not so long ago required extensive surgical interventions and prolonged downtime are today done in under an hour with the patient resuming normal duties immediately after. Costs of treatments too have dramatically decreased, bringing them within the reach of the common man, thereby boosting the demand for top of the line procedures.
Here are some of the machines that have been instrumental in revolutionising the beauty industry. Most of these are focused on permanent hair removal, skin freshening and rejuvenation and face lifts with tattoo removal joining this category in recent times.

HIFU face lifting machine – HIFU or short for “High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound” is the very latest in cosmetic technologies. It uses concentrated ultrasound energy emitted by a hand held device for beauty treatments of the face and neck. The energy stimulates cells that in turn rejuvenates the skin and induces increased production of collagen. It is the element that makes for a tighter and fresh looking skin. In the hands of an experienced and skilled practitioner the machine can be used for facial sculpting too. Not only does an HIFU machine tighten and rejuvenate aged skin, it is also very useful for lifting sagging skin, breaking down fat deposits and removing fine lines and wrinkles.

• IPL laser hair removal – This is a machine that uses “Intense Pulse Light” for carefully and sensitively removing hair from the face, back, legs and bikini/pubic areas. Pulses of light that are focussed on the area under treatment enter the surface of the skin and are attracted by the melanin at the root of the hair follicle. The light energy burns out the hair from the root, thereby eliminating the possibility of further growth. It is a perfectly safe treatment with no visible side effects apart from a slight redness which disappear within a few days. IPL permanent hair removal is very effective on candidates who have light coloured skin and dark hair. However, with advancement in technology, IPL machines for sale have a setting that can be optimised according to skin and hair colour of the client.

• Diode Laser – The machine through a hand held device emits a concentrated beam of light which enters the skin and destroys the pigment melanin at the root of the hair. This stops further growth of hair. Several sessions are required for hair to be completely removed. The main difference between IPL and Diode Laser is that IPL light is not focussed and is similar to an incandescent bulb whereas laser light is concentrated mainly on the area being treated without affecting the surrounding skin. Hence, Diode laser is considered to be more effective for treatments regardless of the skin texture and colour of hair. However both are extensively used for skin rejuvenation processes too. This includes removal of fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, acne spots and birth and coffee marks.
Apart from these highly specialised machines, other high tech equipment for beauty care is microdermabrasion machines, tattoo removal equipment and weight reduction tools. All these devices are highly safe, leave no side effects and have made treatments quick and effective.