Modern and Traditional Gifts for Special Occasions

Gifts Occasions

Special occasions are meant for exclusive gifts, one that shows that the giver has gone to great lengths to choose one. However, for those who are not much adept at gifting can always browse the Internet and get a few ideas. It is always advisable to plan out a gift as per the event much in advance especially during festive seasons when brick and mortar as well as online stores are flooded with shoppers and orders.

Here a subtle difference has to be made between generic gifts for say Christmas and thanksgiving and those for anniversaries and housewarming for example. While normal gifts are based on the age and sex of the recipients, those for specific events reflect that particular occasion only. Apart from this, there are other factors and guidelines too for gifts? Surprised? No, you will not be limited for choice but only by the material of the gift. For a tenth wedding anniversary, the traditional gift is anything made of tin or aluminium – what you buy depends solely on you.

Now comes the main twist – while celebrating anniversaries is always a classic and sentimental affair, purists have made a clear distinction in the practice of gifting that is based on traditional and modern ideas. For generations, a first wedding anniversary gift was paper, now it is clocks, the tenth was as said, tin or aluminium but the modern concept is diamond jewellery. So today, the best you should do to relive those nostalgic pre-marriage memories again in the tenth year of your wedding is to look for diamond engagement rings online and buy it from Australian Diamond Company, one that almost replicates the one you gave your wife a decade back! She will love you for the thought behind it.

The reason for the demarcation between traditional and modern gifts is the change in outlook of the common man. What was a cherished possession in the past is no longer so today. Take the case of lace as a traditional thirteenth anniversary gift. Modern lifestyles have made lace redundant as you are unlikely to wear lace stitched gowns or clothes or use tablecloths and upholstery of lace. Hence modern gifting for thirteenth anniversary is either textiles or fur. This is rational as clothing has moved from elaborate lace stitched affairs to informal or formal textile and faux fur wear and tablecloths too are made of more practical linen and textile materials.

Some anniversary gifts have not changed with time and the traditional gifts still hold true in the modern age. Fortieth, forty-fifth, fiftieth, fifty-fifth and sixtieth anniversary gifts retain the old age charm of ruby, sapphire, gold, emerald and diamond respectively. Good things of life apparently do not change with the passage of time – buy engagement rings of diamond and the receiver will remember you for life. Click here to get more info on the diamond engagement rings, wedding bands and gemstones.

Another special occasion that deserves mention here is house warming. One of the most common gifts that can be termed traditional is decorative items. Classic artwork never goes out of style with its old world charm but it can be equally substituted by a metal decorative wall piece or a motivational poster for the modern couple. Gifting a collection of romantic novels is an established practice for housewarming but that has now given way to retro cookware or stylised storage units for expectant couples moving to a new home to be comfortable with the new arrival.

Whether you follow or not the set gifting guidelines that have become very common today make sure that you choose a gift with a lot of care and thought because it reflects in what you ultimately pick on. Thoughtless gifts are more likely to be tossed to the back of the wardrobe or dumped in the attic and will not occupy a pride of place on the mantelpiece of the receiver.